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Working to Give You A Better Financial Future

Portfolio Management:
The Art of Managing Risk

At Gallagher Wealth Management, we employ a tactical approach to managing investment assets. Our investment strategies are designed to advance your portfolio when various markets are rising and to protect capital when markets are falling. Our investment compass is able to adapt in such a way that the brunt of bear markets are negotiated adequately. Our process need not be “right” about all things, but it needs to be right about the things that matter over time, and this is primarily being on the proper side of major performance trends.

Our tactical approach to portfolio management and sell discipline helps take the emotion out of investing and paves the way for clear, confident decisions that support your long term goals. Ask us about our five step game plan.

Tactical allocation may involve more frequent buying and selling of assets and will tend to generate higher transaction cost. Investors should consider the tax consequences of moving positions more frequently.

Your Financial Future

Your financial life is complex, but it's our job to simplify it. We will prepare you for your financial future by segmenting your finances into seven major categories. By segmenting your financial life, we are able to narrow our focus and determine which aspects are working and which ones may need further attention.

Retirement Income Planning (RIP)

The first step to pursue the retirement of your dreams is determining your family’s personal index number. We do this by performing an in-depth evaluation of your current financial status and establishing forward-thinking goals. Your family's personal index will be used to discover the rate of return necessary for a comfortable retirement. We will monitor to ensure your family personal index and goals align, and then make the necessary adjustments to get your retirement income plan on track.

Collaborative Estate, Tax, and Divorce Planning

Preserve your wealth in times of uncertainty by preparing for the future before it happens. We take a preemptive approach by collaborating with your attorney, CPA, and other professional partners to ensure your assets are handled appropriately. We will help with a seamless transfer of wealth to the next generation, proactively communicate with your CPA, and help with a financial plan when faced with divorce.