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Our Process

Gallagher Wealth Management is Powered by the

Double Black Diamond Process

When skiing on a double black diamond run there are many twists, turns, and obstacles. The easy part is getting up the mountain on the chair lift. Sometimes you don’t know what bumps will come up or where the path may lead during the run back down the mountain. Each run will have new dangers or excite- ment. Just like life, each run will be different. These differences are the critical financial events we all face within our own financial puzzle. With the Double Black Diamond Process, we are here to guide you safely down the run.

We live in the union of what matters and what we can control, this is why we have second and third generation clients.

The Double Black Diamond Process focuses on the “Three D’s”:

Using our Double Black Diamond Process, we can attend to your personal needs as they arise through discovery, design, and deployment.


  • We want to know exactly where our client is.
  • We want to know how you got there.
  • We want to know where you see yourself in the future.


  • We design a planning strategy specific to you.
  • This gives you comfort. Knowing what to expect.


  • We then deploy the planning strategy and we trust the process.

There are no limits; there are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.

—Bruce Lee