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Social Media

Dear Valued Client:

so·cial me·di·a


1.   websites and applications used for social networking

If there’s one trend that’s really here to stick around, it’s social media. I imagine the reason for this is because at heart, human beings are social creatures who enjoy interacting with each other.  Social media brings a whole new dimension to these interactions: the dimension of convenience.  People can connect with their loved ones all over the world while never having to leave their chair. It’s less costly than using the phone, faster than writing a letter, and more versatile than email.

Social media has another facet to it, as well: it’s the single fastest way to spread news and information that the world has ever seen. Imagine if Paul Revere had access to Twitter®. Just a few clicks, and he would have been able to go to bed early. After all, “The British are coming!” is under 140 characters.

Here at Gallagher Wealth Management, we want to start taking greater advantage of social media. I think it could potentially be a good way to inform you and my other clients about what’s going on inside our doors. For example, we can let you know about any special events we have coming up, share articles and news we think are of interest, or even post pictures of past events for you to enjoy. We have also updated our website!

Here are the various platforms we are currently using to keep our clients up to date:

Facebook: Gallagher Wealth Management 

LinkedIn: David M. Gallagher

Website: http://www.dmgwealth.com

Understand, social media will never replace our standard methods of communication. All our important business will still be conducted either in person or over the phone, and we’ll never stop sending our letters.

But we’re interested in bringing the same kind of “new dimension” that I mentioned above.

I look forward to potentially connecting with you in a whole new way.

As always, please let me know if there’s ever anything I can do for you.


David M. Gallagher 

Wealth Manager