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Clients We Are Best Suited to Serve

Who We Serve

We primarily work with a select group of successful families that are near or in retirement who are looking forward to the future with anticipation, not apprehension.

Our Double Black Diamond Process helps put all the pieces of the puzzle together as their lives unfold and needs evolve. These families have specific needs that are aligned with our expertise and process. Through this process and our philosophy, we strive to provide exceptional service to serve you and generations to come.

Our Clients

Have Many Of The Commonalities Listed

  • A pleasant attitude and outlook on life. They’re nice people.
  • They empower us – delegating the “financial stuff” to us and implement our advice.
  • Our clients are passionate about their goals and realize that it will require money and planning to achieve those goals.
  • They enjoy the simplicity, freedom, and confidence that comes from having their planning and wealth management needs under the watchful eye of a dedicated advisor like us.
  • Our clients understand that the way to build our community is by their willingness to advocate for us and introduce us to others that share our common characteristics.
  • They value trust, transparency, and accountability.

What We Do

At Gallagher Wealth Management, we recognize that we are truly about ensuring that our client’s specific route to financial independence remains clear and on track regardless of the changing life events we all face. We’ve come to understand that we can provide an assortment of different solutions over the life of a relationship we have with any one client. They can be as fundamental as planning for Social Security, proper management of debt and tax issues, or as significant and monumental as selling a business, succession planning, death of a spouse, divorce, retirement, or legacy planning.

There are so many pieces to each puzzle and many of these pieces are relevant at any point in our customers' lives. Over the years, we know that the lives of our clients will undoubtedly evolve and their needs will change. We will be prepared to face these puzzle parts with you using our Double Black Diamond Process and experience.